Banlaem is a village located in Tha Sala Sub-District, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province and 90% of the community members are Muslim. Their primary occupation is small-scale fishery. Visitors can see a variety of small fishing vessels embarking throughout the community?s shore. In addition, merchants and general labor servicemen can also be seen in the area. What makes Banlaem an interesting community is the way that visitors can closely observe what the community members do for a living every day. Their interesting ways of life also made the area a tourist destination which is the type that is self-run by community members generating local extra incomes and providing them a better living quality.

Some examples of the marketable ways of life that visitors can observe include the making of soup paste by Banlaem?s Makers of Soup Paste and the rare production of trawling net tail by Bang Tong Village?s Weaver Group of Traditional Trawling Net Tail. Bang Tong Village is one of the top producing communities of the products in Thailand. In addition, visitors can also drop by shopping fresh sea ingredients from community markets and enjoying a close observation of the fishing and trawling of fish and crabs through the services in courtesy of Banlaem Homestay.

The way of life of Banlaem community is quite simple, friendly, and self-sufficient. This has been inherited from generations to generations but it is a rare type of lifestyle difficult to find in the modern world.


offers homestay accommodation to visitors who desire to have an up-close experience on the community lifestyle and nature. There are also many interesting activities to do such as taking a boat trip and sipping the Lae Wan Coffee (Sun), having a mud spa, watching the fireflies at night, observing the local community lifestyle, and trying some astonishing local cuisines.


Banlaem Homestay is the accommodation that will introduce you to new experiences. Our guests will have an opportunity to learn more about the local way that is yet charming and difficult to come by, especially in rural routines.

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Banlaem Homestay has a range of room selections that fit any of your needs from personal escape to group hosting. The selections include


Valley Garden (Mulberry)

- The owner of the garden grows the mulberry trees with an intention to merchandise the produce. The fresh mulberries are sold in the local market. Tourists can visit the vast mulberry farm plots, give a try to collect mulberries, eat them fresh, or taste the beverages the owner prepares to welcome the guests. In addition, some of these fresh mulberries are to be processed into a new topping product to decorate other food such as yogurt.

The House of Clay Pot

The producer of local pottery conserves what is known to be a traditional professional specialty of Tha Sala locals. Visitors will have an opportunity to try to be a potter and learn the necessary skill, method, and process.

Bang Tong Villages Weaver Group of Traditional Trawling Net Tail

Many products are crafted from the traditional trawling net tail and they are very unique. Visitors can observe the production and shop the handicrafts right from the locals.

Banlaem Mud Spa

A mud bath service in courtesy of Banlaem Homestay. Visitors can take a short boat ride out to the source of natural mud and enjoy a muddy experience in the water or bath the mud right on the boat. This natural mud offers beneficial health effects just like other international mud sources.

Event Calendar

Month Activities
January – November Take a boat trip, watch the sunrise, and take a sea-mud bath
December Enjoy the monsoon season, take a boat tour to the mangrove forest, and watch the way fishermen find food from the forest and use trawl nets to trap fish.

Community Lifestyle

Activities Names Details
The Lifestyle of Community 7 Fishery, sailing, and sea-mud bathing
The Lifestyle of Community 14 Making soup pastes, Pak Kad Teen Teep Group, peeling the Corypha lecomtei palm leaves, and the bird’s nest house (advanced sign up required)
The Lifestyle of Community 15 Barramundi Farming, crafting fishing rods using the Corypha lecomtei palm leaves, and sail fishing (it is an all-inclusive package)
crafting fishing crafting fishing rods using the Corypha lecomtei palm leaves, and sail fishing (it is an all-inclusive package)
Mulberry Mulberry growing and collecting at the Mulberry House
Cycling Community cycling
The Muslim Way Non-compulsory prayer (Sunat Salah) for housewarming and Hari Raya (twice a year)
Growing the Mangrove Forest Mangrove Forest Planting event at Banlaem Homestay
Crab and Fish’s Sea Houses Conservation activity
Asiatic Mangrove Tie-dyed Fabric A demonstration of tie-dying using the color extract from Asiatic mangrove leaves
Mud Spa Enjoy the mud bath by sailing to the sea. For those who prefer not to sail or the older adults who prefer privacy, there is a spa pavilion option available.

Seasonal Seafood Calendar

Month Seafood
January - March Mackerel, threadfin, mullet, almost all types of sea shrimps, Asiatic mangrove leaves, blood clam, and squid
April - May Horseshoe crabs, Asiatic mangrove leaves, blood clam, and squid
May - November Flower crab, sea crabs, mantis shrimp, Eeltail catfish, Barramundi, Asiatic mangrove leaves, and squid
December Monsoon Season: Food from the mangrove forest, Asiatic mangrove leaves, and squid


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Banlaem Homestay 128 Village No. 7, Na Tub Village, Tha Sala Sub-District, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand


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Mud Scrup

Mud scrub exfoliates dead skin cells offering a more radiant skin.

Price 390 Baht

Mud Mask

Abundant with over 40 types of natural minerals beneficial in rejuvenating and strengthening the skin cells from the inside. The mask comes with deep cleansing properties.

Price 300 Baht

Hair Conditioning Mud Treatment

The high-performance vitamin E nourishes the hair and rejuvenates the hair roots making them

Price 450 Baht

Mud Cleansing Foam

The foam helps solve acne problems from clogged pores by gently pressuring the pimples to the surface. It also eliminates skin chemicals and residues.

Price 250 Baht

Mud Soap

The soap reduces inflammation from acne, controls facial oil, and brightens the skin when used regularly.

Price 100 Baht


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