Tourist Destinations and Events Within the Community

Banlaem is rich with attractions and interesting local activities awaiting visitors to explore. Enjoy these new experiences from Banlaem locals:

Valley Garden (Mulberry): The owner of the garden grows the mulberry trees with an intention to merchandise the produce. The fresh mulberries are sold in the local market. Tourists can visit the vast mulberry farm plots, give a try to collect mulberries, eat them fresh, or taste the beverages the owner prepares to welcome the guests. In addition, some of these fresh mulberries are to be processed into a new topping product to decorate other food such as yogurt.

The House of Clay Pot: The producer of local pottery conserves what is known to be a traditional professional specialty of Tha Sala locals. Visitors will have an opportunity to try to be a potter and learn the necessary skill, method, and process.

Bang Tong Village?s Weaver Group of Traditional Trawling Net Tail: Many products are crafted from the traditional trawling net tail and they are very unique. Visitors can observe the production and shop the handicrafts right from the locals.

Banlaem Mud Spa: A mud bath service in courtesy of Banlaem Homestay. Visitors can take a short boat ride out to the source of natural mud and enjoy a muddy experience in the water or bath the mud right on the boat. This natural mud offers beneficial health effects just like other international mud sources.

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