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Banlaem is a village located in Tha Sala Sub-District, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province and 90% of the community members are Muslim. Their primary occupation is small-scale fishery. Visitors can see a variety of small fishing vessels embarking throughout the community?s shore. In addition, merchants and general labor servicemen can also be seen in the area. What makes Banlaem an interesting community is the way that visitors can closely observe what the community members do for a living every day. Their interesting ways of life also made the area a tourist destination which is the type that is self-run by community members generating local extra incomes and providing them a better living quality.

Some examples of the marketable ways of life that visitors can observe include the making of soup paste by Banlaem?s Makers of Soup Paste and the rare production of trawling net tail by Bang Tong Village?s Weaver Group of Traditional Trawling Net Tail. Bang Tong Village is one of the top producing communities of the products in Thailand. In addition, visitors can also drop by shopping fresh sea ingredients from community markets and enjoying a close observation of the fishing and trawling of fish and crabs through the services in courtesy of Banlaem Homestay.

The way of life of Banlaem community is quite simple, friendly, and self-sufficient. This has been inherited from generations to generations but it is a rare type of lifestyle difficult to find in the modern world.

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Banlaem Homestay 128 Village No. 7, Na Tub Village, Tha Sala Sub-District, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand
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